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The `National Dairy Quality Awards` is an event geared towards recognizing and honoring  top quality milk and milk products producers of all sizes from all geographical regions of the country. The industry has continuously grown & undergone recognizable transformation since the inception of DDA in 2000. DDA`s core function is to develop & regulate the dairy industry.
Awards will be given to farmers(small scale, medium and large), co-operatives(primary and tertiary), transporters, milk collection centers, bulking centers, processors(small scale, medium and large) & exporters of milk & dairy products that:

  1. Have been exceptional in the provision of quality & safe milk.
  2. Have put in commendable effort to ensure the growth of the dairy industry.

Awards are geared towards encouraging stakeholders to put in more effort to ensure production of sufficient, better & safe dairy products. The awards will be annually held to recognize leading stakeholders across the range of categories.
The goal is to promote continuous development of the dairy sector and ensure quality and safety of milk and milk products.




Stakeholder’s Category & eligibility

  1. small scale dairy farms
  2. medium scale dairy farms
  3. large scale dairy farms
  4. Primary dairy  cooperatives
  5. tertiary dairy cooperatives
  6. Milk Collection Centers (MCCs).
  7. bulking centers
  8. Milk transporting companies.
  9. large scale processors
  10. medium scale processors
  11. cheese processors
  12. ice cream processors
  13. yoghurt processors
  14. milk & milk products exporters 

Objective of the Awards

  1. To honour dairy stakeholders from farm to fork that have successfully placed top priority in producing high quality milk/products.
  2. To be a platform of advocacy for good quality & safe dairy products.
  3. To bring together all dairy stakeholders in the dairy industry.
  4. To promote positive competition among dairy farmers, transporters, exporters and processors.
  5. To encourage development partners to keep supporting the dairy industry & call for more support.
  6. Increase the dairy industry`s contribution to the national economy through production of good quality milk/products for the local & export market.

Each of the above categories shall have three winners (platinum, gold and silver). Each of the winners shall get a plaque and prize.
Please be part of this effort by nominating deserving dairy stakeholders the second of its kind form farm to fork. Help the dairy industry to honour its best producers of high quality milk and milk products.


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