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1. What does DDA stand for?
Answer: DDA stands for Dairy Development Authority

2. What does DDA do?
Answer:DDA carries out the following duties among others;
• Registers and licenses milk traders, transporters and processors.
• Inspects and advises on standard procedures for handling during milk trade and processing.
• Supports formation and registration of dairy farmer groups.
• Carries out various dairy development activities such as training dairy farmers in various aspects e.g. dairy cattle management, hygienic milk production and handling, and on farm business skills including record keeping.
• Carries out and supports generic promotions that promote milk consumption in Uganda.
• Carries out research and pools data on milk production, processing and marketing.
• Acts as an arbitrator in any conflict between the different stakeholders along the dairy chain.
• Provides proper coordination and efficient implementation of government policies related to the dairy sector.

3. Does DDA give improved dairy breeds to farmers?
Answer: No, DDA does not give farmers improved dairy breeds, but creates linkages to the service providers.

4. What are the different milk products on the market?
Answer: There are a wide range of milk products from processors on the Ugandan market. They include;
• Pasteurized milk
• UHT milk
• Yoghurt
• Ice cream
• Cheese
• Ghee
• Butter

5. How can one access genuine milk cans at friendly prices?
Answer: It is easier to access milk equipment and other farm inputs such as veterinary drugs if the farmers are well organized in farmer groups. DDA would then be able to source for a reputable supplier of the required farm inputs and link the supplier.


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Head Office South western Regional Office Analytical Labaratory Malaba/Busia Office

Dairy Development Authority

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Fax: (256) 414-250270


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1st Floor- DDA building

UMA Show grounds

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